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FAAI is a worldwide network of families sharing kitchen-table issues from real people with real problems. As we fulfill the Great Commission to Love, we also make a humble appeal to whosoever chooses to join this transformative endeavor driving numerous ministries for the cause of our goal; to help make home a safe place for children to learn and grow. Because character counts for future generations.

“First, we must know our Creator God. After we enter into a relationship with Jesus, we begin to love others. We grow in community with others by shedding love from our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit. The natural result is to serve people.”

Originally, we believed that the Love Forever Intercontinental Family Movement was our idea. However, reading about the “Simple Church” confirmed that this is God’s idea. He is sending workers into His harvest of adrift souls yearning to find the path toward a fulfilling life—despite the fact that our worldwide institutions are crumbling.

So, let’s do it, family! Let’s love God, be fair to others, and serve our neighbors in kindness. Take the first step by contacting us today.

Evelyn Peters-Washington

Evelyn Peters-Washington, visionary and founder of Families Across America, Inc., former International Director of Resource Development and Community Relations for Bethel World Outreach Ministries, Ordained Evangelist while attending Beacon Seminary, Author, Special Events Producer/Director, and certified Life Transforming Influencer. “My purpose is to answer the divine call on my life to influence many into the family of the heavenly Kingdom,” says Ms. Peters-Washington. “I must serve others with love as exampled by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

She dedicates expertise from her life story to setting the course for FAAI, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, operating by kindred-minded partners, volunteers, donors, and sponsors worldwide. I’m happy to see encouraging support that lauds our efforts to raise awareness that informs, guides, and mobilizes people toward believing and receiving guidelines for godly living.” It is our job, while serving others, to make sure that everyone knows the purpose and plan for the family institution based on Biblical principles; renew our mindset for the expectation of our coming Redeemer!

We are determined in our discipleship to identify, interpret, and apply God’s Word in our everyday life. To fortify the people of God with discernment for overcoming the power of deception in our modern-day culture.

Evelyn Peters-Washington

EVELYN PETERS-WASHINGTON, President Families Across America, Inc®

Vince Corozine Music has produced a series of five albums of Christian praise music entitled “Giving Glory.” It was arranged and conducted by Vince and was recorded in Hong Kong using members of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Youth with a Mission Singers. These albums combine the sound of a professional symphony orchestra with fresh, vibrant singing voices that will lift your spirits! Vince is a professional musician, arranger, and composer who conducts in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Hong Kong, and mainland China. He is the author of the book “Arranging Music for the Real World” published by Mel Bay Music. He is also the composer of “Toymaker and Son,” a dramatic dance produced by Youth With a Mission, which has been performed in over 26 countries.

His company produces CDs and easy play-a-long jazz books for pianists and vocalists. Vince was music director of the annual Thanksgiving Parade in Philadelphia for WPVI-TV (ABC-Disney) for ten years, as well as arranger and guest conductor for the USMA Jazz Knights at West Point for ten years.

Mr. Vince Corozine

Mr. VINCE COROZINE, Composer & Vice President of FAAI Music Production

Benjamin Baguian earned honorable distinctions by conducting worldwide missions of leadership. Coordinator of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) of expert advisors of the ECOWAS Ambassadors in Washington, District of Columbia. Executive Director for the National Agency of Research Results Valorization (ANVAR) Office in charge of implementing the National Strategy for Research Result valorization of Technologies, inventions, and innovation in Burkina Faso. (Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation). Executive Director of the Department of Research Results Valorization (DGVRI) at the ministry of scientific research and innovation, with the mission to implement the national strategy for the valorization of technologies, inventions, and innovations adopted by the government. Economic Advisor to the Embassy of Burkina Faso in the United States of America. Specialist in program design, product promotion strategy, selection, collecting, and processing of trade information. And office management experience with most high esteem. 

Lycée Philippe Zinda Kaboré: Bachelor A4 series, University of Ouagadougou: Master in Business English. Popular National Service (Military training and serving for citizens); University of Lancaster (England): British Diploma for Business English.

The honorable Mr. Baguian speaks, reads, and writes four languages (Mother Tongue, French, English, and German). 

Mr. Benjamin Baguian

The Honorable, BENJAMIN BAGUIAN, FAAI International Program Liaison

MIMI gives a face to FAMILIES ACROSS AMERICA, INC. with her onboard, every day, we can see the importance of family relationships. She’s from Indiana, U.S.A., and is the mother of two wonderful little boys, Teddy and Elliott. I believe she is anointed in the God-given ministry of “HELP.” She dreams of opening a center for our friends and global family communities who have difficulties with everyday tasks. Those who need that extra helping hand. Due to COVID-19, we have had to suspend the support chain that allowed us to offer that kind of support by giving useful supplies to families for practical households in need; such as school supplies, self-employment office supplies, personal hygiene & cosmetic supplies, & clothing, which is a wonderful way to supplement family financial budgets. We are praying and planning by the grace of God, to extend our territory, as we reinstate such services that would exert full capacity for our LOVE FOREVER global families. Mimi loves working on computers and building websites. So, needless to say, we are all appreciative of her talent and commitment to this most worthy cause.

Mimi Catherine

Mimi Catherine Police​
Director of Social Media Communications

Doctor Stephen W Christian is the pastor of Bountiful Blessings World Fellowship in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been in ministry for 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Psychology from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas. Dr. Christian received a master of Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Counseling from the Institute for Teaching God’s Word Theological Seminary in Rockdale, Texas. He was an instructor of Biblical Studios for five years at the Exodus School of the Bible in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Dr. Christian is a gifted speaker, accomplished musician, singer, and author. He was recently selected as the Arkansas Stop the Violence Pastor of the Year for his service in the community. Doctor Christian’s passion for ending violence is the beacon that local television broadcast producer refers to for advice (click video). 

Bishop Christian is a pillar of the LOVE FOREVER GLOBAL GENERATION movement and directs our Intercontinental LIFE TRANSFORMING MASTERCLASS.

Bishop Doctor Stephen W. Christian​

Bishop Doctor STEPHEN CHRISTIAN, Vice President of The Love Forever Generation® and Life Transforming Master Class

Mr. Peters is a pioneer of Families Across America, instrumental in building its founding Board of Directors. He is a gifted speaker, well-skilled in Business and Financial acumen.

As one of the initial SoCal sales team hires for AT&T’s Project Velocity IP(VIP), a $14B business fiber expansion initiative was announced in Q4 2012. Rodger has since established a reputation as a consistent consultive-sales performer who effectively manages the sales cycle from solutions and provisioning to final deliverables by actively communicating across multiple stakeholders while proactively managing customer expectations. He has gained relevant business experience, BA training in Communications, and Master’s insights in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology; expanding his career territory to a Project Management Professional, overseeing FAAI shareholder’s advantage, and beneficial outcomes in overall invested interest and support for our LOVE FOREVER GLOBAL GENERATION, building a world of hope. Moreover, he further demonstrates his passion for achieving team success. 

Rodgers Peters

Mr. RODGER PETERS, Chief Financial Office

Dr. Phill Butts has been the Director of Instrumental Music and has served as the Music Department Chairman for the past 40 years at Arundel Senior High School. He holds two Masters’s Degrees, one in Music Education and a second in Administration and Supervision. Ph.D. in Music Education. Under the direction of Dr. Butts, the instrumental music ensembles at Arundel High School have achieved several honors in the state and national music festivals, and his students have gone on to be recognized in both national and international performances. 

During his tenure at Anne Arundel High School, Phill he taught over 4000 students in Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Brass Ensemble. Many of his students have become renowned musicians, even more have become music teachers, and many more continue to play just out of the pure love of music that Phill helped to instill in them.

He has performed in many shows for theater groups in Baltimore, Washington, and northern Virginia. At present, he continues to be an active teacher, adjudicator, clinician, and consultant in Instrumental Music Performance Techniques. Dr. Butts is currently appearing with the Fuzzy Kane Quintet, the Bob Barrett Band, and The Baltimore Trio and leads his own Jazz Quintet, the Sunset Band.

Dr. Phill Butts

Doctor PHILL BUTTS, Legendary Orchestra Conductor & Director of FAAI Instrumental Music

Headline Song Stylist, Big Band/Orchestra Lead Vocalist, Stage Performance “DIAMONDS ‘N’ JAZZ” Producer; “LARZINE” characterizes her experiences in these unique roles with utmost humility and unmatched exuberance. She is a perfect mentor to demonstrate the example of how learning music disciplines can influence the LOVE FOREVER GLOBAL GENERATION standard for our Music & Arts students. Her endorsement of our Family Legacy helps to make sure even their gifts don’t become idols or hindrances in their life. Because they come to understand the Real meaning of good conduct in rising rank and place as One becomes established by staying focused on their dream.

Ms. Larzine Talley

MS. LARZINE TALLEY, Vice President of Stage Performance Development

Families Across America, Inc. has been one of the biggest spreaders of God’s Love. A love that knows no boundaries. Through this organization, I’ve learned how to love people, regardless of who they are, known to me or not. This Love was shown to me at a time in my life when I thought nothing could work out. I almost dropped out of school while I was in high school. I stayed at home for a while because there was no money to pay for my school fee. I lost hope, and I thought to myself maybe this marked the end of my education, but God had a plan.

He sent help all the way from America and through the organization of Families Across America, Inc., so I was able to complete my high school education. Ms. Evelyn Peters-Washington has shown me Love and care, and that’s all the organization is all about. She didn’t need to know me to help me, but she made a difference in my life. There are a lot of people going through difficult situations. Children are experiencing a negative impact from the breakdown of the family. The goal of this organization is to reach out to as many as possible and share the Love of Jesus Christ, installing Christian values in families with the purpose of helping make home a safe place for children to learn and grow. “Because success begins at home,” says Evelyn. A little love goes a long way. But, the miracle in her compassion toward others is her obedience to the Will of God.

I’ve learned how to be empathetic and to always trust in the Lord and wait on him. I can gladly say I am a proud beneficiary of the vision that Evelyn Peters-Washington shares with our global community. Let’s all be change-makers in our world that needs Change. Evelyn says, “Love doesn’t end at the border of our faults. It forges onward to meet One’s need.”

Teresiah Wanjiku Onami, NAIROBI, KENYA AFRICA

Teresiah Wanjiku Onami

TERESIAH WANJIKU ONAMI, Director of Youth Leadership Council

I’ve learned how to be empathetic and to always trust in the Lord and wait on him. I can gladly say I am a proud beneficiary of the vision that Evelyn Peters-Washington shares with our global community. Let’s all be change-makers in our world that needs Change. Evelyn says, “Love doesn’t end at the border of our faults. It forges onward to meet One’s need.”

Teresiah Wanjiku Onami, NAIROBI, KENYA AFRICA

Board of Directors

Stephen Christian

Bishop Doctor Stephen W. Christian​

Doctor Phill Butts

Vince Corozine

Benjamin Baguian

The Honorable
Benjamin Baguian​

Rodger Peters

Mr. Rodger Peters
Vice President of Financial Analysis & Membership Council

Teresiah Wanjiku Onami

Teresiah Wanjiku Onami​
Director of Youth Leadership Council

Larzine Talley

Ms. Larzine Talley​
Vice President of Stage Performance Development

Mimi Catherine

Mimi Catherine Police​
Director of Social Media Communications


Old Family Photo

Don’t Worry . . . . Be Happy!

The root of all social ills is the breakdown of the family. Especially since the breakout of the COVID19 worldwide pandemic. Equally widespread, is “confused anxieties” manifested in dangerous and too often, lethal outcomes. It’s time to make a paradigm shift and reset your thoughts for every level of your life.
So, we bring “Good News!” Because our LOVE FOREVER GLOBAL GENERATION is a great influence for sharing love and hope and forgiveness as taught by time-tested Biblical principles and examples. That is why we should realize, that we can’t begin this movement from the place where our modern-day culture has brought us. But we must seriously examine why the pillars of our civilize society is crumbling. And reckon with what went wrong; in order to overcome the current state of many lives today. But, in order to determine, where do we go from here? We must start from the beginning, where the sovereign foundation for the Family Institution started. You see, as long as the family institution operates according to its purpose. The Maker of it is responsible for keeping it in his care to operate in love. How many of you know, God is good? And, NOTHING is too hard for him!
Come on and join in this wonderful cause at your point of interest. . . We can learn together
Mother and Son