“God Does Not Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Call.”. . . . . .. . . . . Author Unknown

♦ Our family wellness quest is not to call on the Elite to flaunt great photo ops with low income people. Rather, to enable needy families with support to educate their children, and empower them with confidence and skills to meet academic world-class competitiveness.
♦ Improving risk-behavior in children’s low self-esteem with ability to achieve positive crisis-management outcomes; eliminating combative tendencies to solve disputable problems.
♦ Ensuring that children who have no exposure to real career opportunity environments of politics, music & the arts, corporate business models, and merchant entrepreneurship, or other; are inspired by experiencing exposure to college-communities, career shadowing, and character-building mentoring they need to heal, build lasting future working relationships and reach their full potential.

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Today brings to fore the most vulnerable population of our future. Reportedly, ‘The economic, employment and education downturn has forced more families and youth to lose their footing, falling downward into the spiral of homelessness, and jeopardizing children and youth’s future citizenry and success.’
We welcome you to become a charter family member of Families Across America and speak with a voice of unity to continue our commitment for advancing Family Wellness & Education Initiatives to help make home a safe place for children to learn and grow.

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