“Success Begins At Home”

The core values we grew up with such as, Faith and Love, Hard Work and Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Commitment were taught at home, passed on from generation to generation. However, that has changed, right. . . The moral compass of our society is now creatively guided from trendy secular fads found in show business, cinemas, music sound tracks, and mistrusted political correctness aimed at partisan positioning.

To give families, the focus we deserve, America has reached a point, where we can no longer wait for others to speak on behalf of families. . . We must speak as families ourselves.

First, we must begin a Call to Conscience with optimistic insight and a standard message that incorporates a forward-thinking vision of HOPE; voicing the American promise a prosperity, security, and opportunity for all families built on the time-tested character principles, accountability, and right choices.

We speak for the Families across America in four key areas.

1)   In demanding greater accountability from our government, media and business leaders to hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and sacrifice for the welfare of others.

2)   In encouraging youth, teens, parents, and seniors to understand the power of character commitments and to enjoy the power of a legacy on their families and communities.

3)   In providing rewards and recognition to those who bravely stand amidst peer and social pressures to make a difference through values and character action.

4)   In celebrating the return to character and selfless values that founded this country, which have allowed us to survive threats and difficulties and which will form the basis for our future.

We are the force for character accountability and recognition.

On Behalf of the Ruth P. Douglas Peyton Family of Fort Valley Endowment legacy, Families Across America, Inc. will ensure that the endowment will continue to strengthen Fort Valley State University college community and extend its efforts toward America’s education institutes. Our aim is to help produce future leadership building a world of hope and successful citizenry.

If you would like to financially help us in this endeavor, please visit our volunteer page and select the link that suits your contributing interest.

Thank you

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