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Children have a very difficult time when they are living with lack of compassion; which can take form in many unintentional different ways. From parent(s) having financial issues and the focus is on how to keep food on the table. To, relationship problems that lack conflict management.

So, often family breakups encompass a variety of reasons for a child’s life to end up in one of the commonly recognized forms of abuse; to name a few, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglectful abuse, and physical abuse. When the parent and child relationship is a silent negativity, and not addressed, an unproductive family environment for children turns into an awkward place for a child to grow up.

The core elements of our vision lies within our three prong educational and family relationship activities with a focus on sustainable follow-up programs that evaluate and place-out participants, i.e., self-esteem motivation, family relationship bonding, career preparedness, and purpose-driven inspiration.

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