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Evelyn Peters-Washington, Founder Families Across America, Inc.

The traditional pillars of our western civilization are falling – marriage and the family are under attack, the education system reports either high student dropouts or low globally competitive graduates; our national economy is soft; and we have a federal government that is not trusted. The voice of, Families Across America believe society rests on the bedrock of the nuclear family unit; as was said, “The ruin of a nation, is found in the homes of its people.”

To give families, the focus we deserve, America has reached a point, where we can no longer wait for others to speak on behalf of families. . . We must speak as families ourselves.

First, we must begin a Call to Conscience with optimistic insight and a standard message that incorporates a forward-thinking vision of HOPE; voicing the American promise as security, prosperity, and opportunity for all families built on time-tested character principles, accountability, and right choices.
Please join us at Families Across America online Radio Talk Show, Facebook, or Twitter, as we labor to fortify our traditional family values, create a college-going culture for children at-risk of missing the mark of their potential, and impact a generation, building a world of hope.

It’s a long term effort – an effort that requires a desire to persuade, not just to be heard; a concern for common good, not just for selfish greed; a commitment to bring hope to hopeless lives, not just bureaucratic policy; more importantly, a purpose of making home a safe place for children to learn and grow. The urgency of your voice has become even more elevated as growing secular trends are manifesting themselves in dangerous and too often lethal outcomes. . .

Follow us @Families 101 and let your voice be heard.

Outreach Programs

These activities are core to our fun, family-friendly festivals; youth sports competitions, and world-class entertainment at our special events.

Life Coach Conferencing and referral services are designed to help prevent family relationship problems that are common denominators for causing family breakdowns.

We are stronger together. Families Across America online mentoring service reaches families through webinars, Blog Talk Radio live national family conversations, and live events aimed to unleash skills, explore financial literacy and ascertain family wellness.

Based on our Sovereign Foundation, Families Across America extends motivational activities for building self-esteem and practicing “on-purpose” thoughts so family individuals may discover their genetic blueprint that makes them unique; and realize interpersonal purpose in destiny.

Inform, guide, and mobilize is our round-table, or sometimes town hall style meetings that model our IGM program; which is a paradigm from the past to the future. It’s the “Repairer-of-the-Breach” coaching program that makes onward and upward pathways built on time-tested principles for realizing how to reach our full potential.

Evelyn launches Families Across America national pubic charity in speech given at the reflecting pool on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
Evelyn entering Vatican City in Rome.
Evelyn is headed down St. Peter’s Basilica where she had an unexpected interview that was televised on “News from the Vatican” in Italy.
Evelyn officially granted honorary citizenship and key to the city of Doula V. district in the Republic of Cameroon, West Africa.
Evelyn greets receiving line of village diplomats congratulating her honorary citizenship in Cameroon, West Africa.
Evelyn, author of her book, “Purpose DNA’, reflecting in the afterglow of her story on the Mediterranean Sea in South France.

Partnering With Families Across America

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