“Helping to Make Home a Safe Place for Children to Learn and Grow”

Families Across America . . . a generation, building a world of hope!

Real People

Families Across America (FAAI) is a 501(c)(3) national public charity, helping to make home a safe place for children to learn and grow! We are blazing new paths and raising awareness to fresh solutions that match purpose and people together with creative opportunities for disadvantaged families to access a quality lifestyle. This task is part of a broader effort to bring together, a common goal that recognizes and rewards those who commit to this standard, and bring celebration to those who can encourage others. It also begins to address opportunities, strategy, and cooperation together with organizations, while adding economic worth in the communities they serve.

With Real Issues

FAAI realize the time is now to help youth understand that character is more important than self-promotion; for teens to recognize the power of integrity, respect, and accountability over cultural and peer pressure; adults to recapture commitment to marriage; for fathers to reclaim their responsibility to raise children of character; and support their spouse’s dreams over their own desires. For seniors to have a vehicle for displaying their concern for improving their lives, and incorporating their wisdom for constructive knowledge in others. For schools to support character education programs that reward outstanding unselfish character. It is time for our government to really invest in American families by strengthening the capacity of viable organizations to provide programs, mentors and tutors that help individuals secure and retain employment and leadership for renewal and recovery of our communities.

Finding Real Solutions

Such are fundamental bases for a national family platform raising public awareness for overcoming struggles that go on every day in working-class families, and ignite the power we have for CHANGE. Yet it is impossible for our government to legislate morality; in that regard, there is a great practical benefit in reacquainting families across America with how the framers of our Constitutional Republic viewed family values, for gaining insight into foundational principals.

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