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Families Across America, Inc. (FAAI), a registered national 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2004 with a three-prong mission to: (i) speak with certainty and clarity the message of the gospel where families can understand and experience resilience in an increasingly complex world (ii) advocate for children adoption "timed out" protections (iii) teach TRUTH about the Creator God’s plan and purpose for the nuclear family as plain as possible with Biblical principles and resources; aimed to reverse a disturbing eclipse in rising family breakdowns, too often with lethal outcomes.

As in past years, FAAI will continue to produce impactful fundraising events designed to raise awareness and provide valuable resources aligned with our mission. While forging alliances with kindred partners who seek to nurture family wellness through discipleship. We are resolute in prayer that the light of God will illuminate our efforts to help make home a nontoxic place for children to learn and grow.  And the life of Jesus is our proof that we can live in the confidence of "overcoming".

Even though FAAI portrays heart-rending realities about the unstable social culture of the 21st century in the United States of America. Our efforts are extended to defend the divinity and personality of the Son of God to all families internationally. Because God's unfailing purpose and plan for families everywhere is our sovereign foundation forever.  

For such a time as this, huge opportunities are available to witness the evidence of our love by helping others recognize their true identity in Christ. Superabundant grace is already powerfully working in whosoever believe, in godly forms of wisdom and practical understanding.  To fortify the benefits of future generations' experience in this blessed assurance!

We bring good news that hope is on the way!

First, we must know our Creator God; after, we align our relationship with Jesus. We begin to love others. We grow in community with others. By loving Jesus and others, the natural result is to serve people. That's what sparked the idea for our clarion call-to-action for the remnant of God's family to the Love Forever International Jesus Movement.  For whosoever will, it's time to become fitly joined together. It is God’s idea, and he is sending workers into the harvest of adrift souls yearning to find the path toward living their lives to the full. WE CAN HELP! In spite of the fact, that worldwide, the pillars of our national institutions are crumbling! So, come on back home Family! Love Almighty God, love others, and serve our neighbors in kindness.
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